South East Asia Travel Photography

South East Asia is a wonderful part of Asia. It is so rich in culture and so vastly different from village to village, town to town. My travels have taken me from Akha Village in Laos, to Bromo in Java, to the temples in Cholon. My photography has mainly been based off what I found beautiful and most interesting at the time. For example in Java, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the sunrise over Dieng Plateau, whilst in Laos, the people going about their daily lives captivated me.
I hope you share my interest in my South East Asian Images. See below for images from Laos, Cambodia, Phillipines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Travel Photography
I’m equally passionate about photography and travel and to have the opportunity to combine the two has been both a pleasure and a privilege. The outcome of this passion has lead me to the creation of this website, where I'm able to share many of my favourite images with you.
Dennis Anguige
Travel Photography