India Travel Photography

I’ve travelled all over India, from Kolkata to New Delhi, and I’m always surprised by the huge attack on my senses this wonderful country provides. India is a constant bombardment on all five senses, but what strikes me the most about this beautiful country is the celebration of colour. In my many years of travelling throughout India, I have been blessed enough to photograph my travels, which I am sharing with you now.

I have been fortunate enough to visit some spectacular places in India, such as the Indian Coffee Houses, Kolkata, Chandni Chowk and the amazing spice market, and Sonepur Mela.

Travel Photography
I’m equally passionate about photography and travel and to have the opportunity to combine the two has been both a pleasure and a privilege. The outcome of this passion has lead me to the creation of this website, where I'm able to share many of my favourite images with you.
Dennis Anguige
Travel Photography