Travel Photography
I’m equally passionate about photography and travel and to have the opportunity to combine the two has been both a pleasure and a privilege. The outcome of this passion has lead me to the creation of this website, where I'm able to share many of my favourite images with you.
Dennis Anguige
Travel Photography

Travel and Performing Arts Photographer

Stunning travel and performing arts images with a strong pictorial content that have resulted from my good fortune in having been able to travel extensively in the Indian subcontinent, South East Asia and more recently to Africa and the Americas. With the jazz photography being added more recently and taken at various festivals throughout the UK and Europe.

Compelling photography with a leaning to fine art and featuring iconic images with particular reference to Kolkata. Once the jewel in the crown of the empire Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) is an ongoing source of many and varied images depicting life in this chaotic but enchanting city.
From the Indian subcontinent to South East Asia a collection of pictorial images from India, and Sri Lanka to Laos,Burma (Myanmar),Vietnam and Cambodia. Evocative photography with an emphasis on the spirit of the destination and its people.

Jazz photography based on a long standing interest in the genre and again incorporating a pictorial / visual art approach renders distinctive images that are free from the usual paraphernalia evident on the stage.

I'm a Hitchin based photographer, but have spent a lifetime travelling the world and capturing single moments forever. Hopefully the viewer will derive as much pleasure from these images as I did in taking and presenting them, your comments would be welcome.